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Monday 24th May 2021


Our secret sauce to successful Search Engine Optimisation SEO

SEO is really important for all websites this will improve the probability of a potential custom finding your website / business on the search engines.  Keywords and Heading are very important for this however it is important to not overlook the first impression of how your website appears on the search engine this will make it more likely for the user to visit your website

A few important points to remember when your website is live.

  1. How does your logo look on the search engine?
  2. How does a webpage look when you share it on social media?
  3. Does the description of the website describe your business?
  4. Generate a sitemap of the most important pages on your website
  5. Google Analytics setup
  6. Make sure your website has an SSL certificate e.g https://
  7. Does your website support
  8. Scan for SEO
  9. Setup Google console

Page Rich Results

Our designs are eligible for Google page-rich results, this means that our designs and pages are custom designed to give Google extra information about your business or products when users are searching google.

Below is an example from Google of how your business can show up on Google search results.  It's important to note that our designs make you eligible for Page Rich Results, which we test with Google Search Console to make sure you're eligible for these results.  Google may or may not feature your website in the search results as per their algorithm.