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  • Website Builder

    Build your website without pulling out your hair.

  • Small business

    Easy to use website designing and editing


    Icewolf is designed for users who don't have time to learn how to code. Our web builder has been designed help user make changes to their website with a few clicks of a button.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Icewolf is designed to get the best seo (search engine optimization) using html embed code and much, much more.

  • E-commerce

    Our E-commerce functions will be added soon as we are perfect our design and security to deliver a first class product.

Website builder

Build amazing websites

Icewolf Web builder has been designed to simplify website and e-commerce building and maintenance. Plugin your favorite designs and install our apps to help your business grow.

Professional Design

Import special designs on to your website

  • 50+

    Our designs

    Currently we only have a smaller amount of designs but we are working on create more.

  • 10+


    We are slowly starting to grow our client base, Our new clients are getting great value because they can choose a design they want and we build it from scratch.

Work Smart Not Hard

Build with Professional Designs

  • icewolf-all-users-web-ready
    Easy To Use

    Real Time Editing

  • icewolf-business-owner
    Small Business

    Custom Built E-Commerce

Work Smart Not Hard

Build with Professional Designs

  • icewolf-ui-ux-design-web-ready
    UI & UX Design

    Professional Designed

  • icewolf-builder-machine-learning
    Fully Customize

    Import Designs


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& frequently asked questions

  • What is Icewolf?

    Icewolf is a Content Management System (CMS), designed to help businesses manage their website and e-commerce.

    This has been achieved by building the CMS from scratch, which has allowed users to fully customize their website / online store to meet their business needs.

    Icewolf offers professionally designed plugins which can be imported by the click of a button. Tested and maintained these plugins are updated on a regular basis to keep up to date with a constantly changing IT and business environment.

  • What can Icewolf do for my business?

    Icewolf offers professionally built website designs, in the very near future Icewolf will be e-commerce ready and building online stores.

    After the E-commerce system is up and running we will be adding a specially build custom e-commerce systems, which will range from delivery payments to service booking and payment systems. These systems will not only help our clients improve the user experience for their client but will also help their business manage their resources, accounts, time and much, much more.

  • What is a custom design?

    A custom design is when the design of a website has been specifically design for the business / individual. Our custom designs are created from scratch, tested, supported. Once built these designs can to imported on to any device on the Icewolf system.

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