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Icewolf custom builds all its designs from scratch and we support them, We love web design and are always looking for improvements and innovation to get the perfect product. Join us on our journey to change the internet.


Free Designs

For a limited time only we'll be offering new clients an opportunity to get custom built designs and functions for their websites. Save $1,000s of dollars in front-end developer fees.

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The Developer

A Full-stack developer with over 13 years of programming experience. Across various platforms like Web, Andriod, and Microsoft.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Icewolf?

    Icewolf is a Content Management System (CMS), designed to help businesses manage their website.

    This has been achieved by building the CMS from scratch, which has allowed users to fully customize their website / online store to meet their business needs.

    Icewolf offers professionally designed plugins which can be imported by the click of a button. Tested and maintained these plugins are updated on a regular basis to keep up to date with a constantly changing IT and business environment.

  • What can Icewolf do for my business?

    Icewolf offers professionally built website designs, tailored to your business we use "Out of the box" solutions to solve challenges and make your web presence more powerful.

  • What is a custom design?

    A custom design is when the design of a website has been specifically design for the business / individual. Our custom designs are created from scratch, tested, supported. Once built these designs can to imported on to any device on the Icewolf system.