The Founder of Icewolf - Icewolf

The Founder of Icewolf

Barry Love

Programming has been a passion of mine I love the problem-solving aspect of it along with the satisfaction of help people with automation to make their lives easier.

A Full-stack developer with over 14 years of programming experience. Across various platforms like Web, Andriod, and Microsoft. I love to problem solve and come up with the best and most efficient solution for the given problem.

Don't rely on working hard always work smart.

I’ve worked in various businesses public and private solving issues ranging from data automation, cleaning, security, and improving the user experience while safeguarding user processes from user errors and more. 

To do this I used PHP, SQL, MySQL, VBA, Microsoft, CSS. HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Java and more. Learning new languages is really simple for me because I love to learn new things.

My hobbies include hiking, eating out, my faith, experiencing new things, exploring, ancient history, photography, and pc gaming. (see below hiking in Alaska)

People who still think the same as they did 20 years ago have learned and achieved nothing with their life

Back in 2007, I decided to turn over a new leaf and do programming most of my programming knowledge comes from doing it on the job, not school. Like I said I love problem-solving oh and I have a quirky sense of humor. Deal with it. (see below I'm turning over a new leaf for real!)

Before that, I was doing Modeling part-time trying to pursue an acting career while working in whatever job I could get to support myself. (See below modeling photo from 2008)

After I finished high school, I study Electronic Engineering which I really enjoyed learning about the scientific principles of electricity, Boolean logic was my thing the I remember creating a binary counter with wires going everywhere it looked like last night’s dinner (spaghetti) but it worked!! (looked something like the image below.)


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