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24 Sep.3 min read


Revolutionising Brisbane's Web Design: A Sneak Peek into Icewolf's Website Builder Development Roadmap to Christmas 2023

Website Automation System Completion

Our current automation system is live and fully operational. At present, our primary focus is on enhancing its capabilities to autonomously construct industry-specific websites, complete with placeholder content. This would cater to a diverse range of sectors, be it restaurants, trade services, or corporate firms amongst others.

Beyond this, my vision entails further automation of content creation. With this feature, users will be able to establish their websites with the mere click of a button. The milestone for accomplishing this initiative is set for 2024.

AI Suggestions. A new feature and current on Icewolf

In its existing form, the automation system provides our customers with the facility to choose colour schemes - these are either derived from the logo uploaded by the user or randomly assigned if no logo is uploaded.

Google Analytics & other features to help the our customer's website

We have identified an opportunity to integrate Google Analytics directly into Icewolf for a more user-friendly interface for our clients. This enhancement would significantly streamline the process of connecting Google Analytics to your website built via Icewolf.

It's noteworthy that Icewolf already supports Google Analytics on multiple websites. However, our aim is to make this integration more effortless and intuitive for our clientele.

Moreover, Icewolf will be capable of delivering monthly reports to website proprietors, assisting them in monitoring their site's performance. These analytics will encompass a comprehensive view of sessions, unique users, and referrer URLs. The inclusion of referrer URLs will enable our customers to gain insights on the source of their website traffic, whether it's from search engines, social media platforms, or specific campaigns.

Screenshot from Google Analytics

I am also exploring the possibility of integrating ChatGPT into the monthly analytics report. This would provide a more detailed understanding of the data and might even offer strategy suggestions for marketing or social media engagement based on the analysis. These suggestions would be catered specifically to reflect the customer's objectives and current situation, hence ensuring the delivery of the most suitable advice to our users.

I also redesigned the Icewolf interface making it much prettier.

Screenshot of the Icewolf Dashboard as of September 2023

Screenshot of the Blog editor as of September 2023

Currently Supported features on Icewolf

Icewolf has been proudly hosting Websites for the past 4 years with little to no downtime.

  • Icewolf Website Builders Currently Supports.
  • Custom Pages
  • AI Content Suggests
  • Blogs
  • AI Blog generation
  • Navigation Tree & sitemap generation
  • Domains
  • SSL
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • Google Analytics
  • Integrates with Social media
  • Search Page
  • Legal Pages including GDPR
  • Customer List


In conclusion, this is an exciting time as we continue to enhance Icewolf. Our dedication to advancing automation, improving user experience, and optimizing data analysis will greatly enhance our platform's utility for the diverse range of our clientele. The forecasted improvements, incorporating Google Analytics and refining the use of ChatGPT, will inform strategy development and goal tracking, making success effortless for our users. As we embark on this journey, we eagerly anticipate seeing our customers leverage these new tools and benefit from the advancements. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to move towards a future of seamless website creation and profound performance analysis. Thank you for being part of the Icewolf journey.