Business owners

Master your online business

Icewolf can help you start up your new business.  Don't use Web builders that are locked into limited theme designs Icewolf is not theme-based and you can import any design that is on the Icewolf system.  

Edit your website in minutes

Icewolf is very easy to update and change content which is done simply and can be done in minutes.

SEO Friendly

All our designs are designed by professionals and have been coded professionally to maximize your SEO for your, products, services and social media.  This includes schema.org a new data structure that is embedded within the HTML of a website which helps search engines like google collect data on your website to help its users to find:

Business logo


Food menus


Business hours

and much much more.


This feature will be coming soon to Icewolf. Along with apps that will help your business manage clients, money and much more.

Customer Management

Grow your client list and contact details of your customers so you can contact your clients with email campaigns and let them know about events, discounts and much more.    

Build your own website

This feature will be coming soon however we are able to build custom websites for clients looks to have an online presence for their business. 

Professional Design

Keep your website up to date with our professional designs which are updated regularly and new designs are being created added to the system.

Dynamic Design

Icewolf is not static but dynamic each page load is generated by the Icewolf system which allows for constant changes for different users, customers or dates.

Social Media Friendly

Allow your users to share your blogs, products and import your social media onto your website with our custom designs.