Icewolf Features

Imagine having an amazing website that amplifies your brand, educates and refers customers automatically to your business email, tells the world about the story of your business by using designs that articulate your brand, capturing their attention with first class UX User Experience. 

While having the piece of mind that you can manage your content without pulling your hair out, Icewolf is the solution to getting your business online and maximising your reach. 


Personalised service

We not only build custom designs but we also build designs to suit your abilities beginner, intermediate or Expert, We work with you to create the solution for your business from now and into the future.

Dynamically Customise Your Website

Our themeless CMS allows you to customise your website much easier than other CMS / Website builders. Designs are interchangeable if you don’t like your header, buttons, footer or design of a particular part of the website it’s so easy to charge.


Automate customer interactions

Imagine having a receptionist working for you 24/7, that is what it’s like having an Icewolf website

Respond to customers professionally with our custom email responses. Show your logo, banner, representing your brand. Receive messages from customers on time with our emailing service powered by Sendgrid


Easy to Manage

Easily change and update content for your business website, Icewolf has not only made it simple for users to edit and change content but we can build the website so it is easier to change vs customisability. We will design your website to suit your ability to manage your website.


First Class Infrastructure

We use Google for hosting and cloud service. Your website will have a CDN (Content Delivery Network) Powered by Google Cloud, Allowing faster website speeds world wide.


Enhance your campaigns

Integrate your website with Google Ads, Facebook, Chatbots, Opentables, Booking systems and much much more. 


Organic SEO

Get more from the internet with our designs that enhance your SEO keywords while still delivering a powerful message to your audience. 


Exceptional Designs

Responsive designs for mobile, tablet and desktop. Get designs that generate leads, convert to sales and represent your brand with style.