Thursday 3rd February 2022


Generate leads, build your customer base and personalise the email response with Icewolf custom forms.

One of the most useful tools for a website is customer forms, customer forms can help your business grow and remove the communication barriers between your business and your customers.  

Generate leads for your business

The customer forms can help your business generate leads and convert potential customers into sales. Here is a scenario the potential customer is on your website they are interested in your product. Customer forms give your potential customer the opportunity to contact you through the website which they will leave their contact details and give your business the opportunity to close the sale.

Get customer feedback online

“Feedback is a gift. Create a culture where feedback is viewed as a gift and given frequently.”

Customer feedback is a gift. Customer forms remove the awkwardness when it comes to customer feedback. Online feedback removes most of the confrontation when it comes to negative feedback and gives an extra opportunity for good feedback.  

Build up your client base and CRM

Customer forms help you build your Customer Relationship Management CRM. Know who your clients are, give them the opportunity to know about your specials offers, events, surveys and more.

Customise your email response

After the user fills out the form and sends it. Icewolf can customise the email response to include your logo and process of what happens next. Give your customer a more personalised experience with a custom response. Include store hours, links to blogs, products, services and more. The sky is the limit..!

Image of the websites response