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05 Apr, 2023.2 min read


Discover the Inspirations Behind Icewolf - From Humble Beginings in Bulimba, Brisbane QLD & Beyond

Barry Love had been in the tech industry for 17 years when he decided to take the plunge and start his own business. He was passionate about helping small businesses, who often struggle to get their products and services online. He saw a real need for a website building platform that was easy to use and gave small businesses the tools to create a professional and engaging website. He was determined to make it happen and dedicated his time and energy to completing the project.

How the journey started

When I was working with other website builders, I felt like I was stuck in a rut. No matter what theme I chose, I was locked in and couldn't make any changes. I was either stuck with the same design or paying thousands of dollars to a developer to make the changes. Plus, there were always hidden limitations and quirks that I had to work around or simply ignore. That's when I decided to create Icewolf - so I could break out of the web builder rut and design my own website my own way.

Why is it called ICEWOLF?

I was trying to decide on a name for the website builder and I wanted a decent domain name for it too. Most .com domains were taken, so I was fine with paying for a .io domain, which is generally reserved for tech startups. I was down at the local pub with my friend Jeff Pang and we were starving, so we decided we'd pick a name for the website builder before we'd eat. Jeff asked me what my favorite animal was and I thought to myself, "Bear!" 

"How about Red Bear?" I suggested. We looked it up and it was taken, so that was a no-go. Then I thought, "How about Icebear?" That was even worse! We decided to try something else. "What about Wolf?" I asked. "I like wolves!" Jeff agreed. "Icewolf?" I suggested. We looked it up and it was free as a .io domain. 

and with that, Icewolf.io was born!