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18 Aug.4 min read

Case Studies

Revolutionising Web Design: A Case Study on Boosting Ecommerce Innovation through Shopify for Smarterstore.com.au in Brisbane

While working on Smarterstore.com.au, I also had the chance to learn about the client's other established business - SmarterHomesAustralia.com. I want to clarify that while I had in-depth exposure to their user-friendly smart home solutions during this project, I was not involved in the creation of this particular site. However, their offerings served as the foundation and inspiration for designing the Shopify e-commerce store for Smarterstore.com.au. This allowed us to build upon an already established identity and cater to a market that appreciates their top-quality smart home security products.🏠


1. Identifying Product Compatibility:

Clearly stating the compatibility of each product with specific devices was absolutely crucial - an indispensable piece of information for prospective users.

It became increasingly challenging to maintain accuracy, as there were some products that were compatible with Alexa, Google, and Apple, while others were only compatible with Alexa and Google.

This complexity made it quite arduous to effectively manage and provide precise details to our customers.  


2. Showcasing Key Features: 

In order to effectively showcase the unique marketing features of each product, it was crucial to design a layout that would clearly highlight these selling points. I aimed for a straightforward and intuitive arrangement, ensuring that customers could easily comprehend the exceptional qualities of the product.

However, I encountered a limitation with the default Shopify system, which only offered a basic capability to modify the product description using plain Richtext. It became apparent that I needed to devise a solution that would enable the client to incorporate additional features such as text and images, while ensuring optimal display on both mobile and desktop platforms.

By addressing this challenge, I aimed to enhance the overall shopping experience for customers, allowing them to fully grasp the unique selling proposition of each product.


3. Tackling Addon Products: 

Various security devices had addon products that served to enhance functionality. These add-on items needed to be effectively incorporated into relevant product pages.


4. Curating Price Comparison Charts 

For products with different feature sets and pricing, I saw the need to simplify the buying process through enabling price comparisons.

The Approach:

I took a meticulously organised approach to every challenge in order to build the most effective store.

1. Utilisation of Metafields:

We established adjustable information sections for each product, which can be updated by the client or our team, simplifying the process and ensuring the product details are always accurate.

Metafields were created for each product which could be modified and updated conveniently by the client or our team. This provided flexibility and ensured up-to-date compatibility information.


2. Theme Modification:

The Shopify theme was reprogrammed to facilitate accurate display for each product, highlighting their unique features. This helped maintain aesthetic consistency while also emphasizing the key attributes of each product.


3. Integration of Addon Products:

Addon products were incorporated into the respective product pages, creating an avenue for customers to understand and choose the products they need.

This was also done using meta fields, making it much easier for my client to add or remove addon products.


4. Designing Price Comparison Charts:

I simplified potential confusion around pricing by designing comparison charts that clearly outlined different pricing models for different packages.


5. Interactive Image:

User-friendly smart home image with icons, providing product information for each area (e.g., air conditioning, smart locks).



As I navigated through the obstacles, collaborating with Smarterstore.com.au proved to be rewarding. I successfully created an e-commerce store that effectively showcased their products and provided a user-friendly platform for customers. This project undoubtedly paved Smarterstore.com.au's path to becoming an online authority in their field. As they continue to grow, I eagerly anticipate a continued partnership and the opportunity to contribute to their success story. 🔐🏠